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The Jedidiah Identity

The Jedidiah Identity
By Richard Speight www.comerest.org

Then David comforted Bathsheba, his wife, and slept with her. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son, and they named him Solomon. The Lord loved the child and sent word through Nathan the prophet that they should name him Jedidiah (which means "beloved of the Lord") as the Lord had commanded. (2 Samuel 12:24-25)
What defines you? Is it what you do? Some find their meaning in life by "making a difference." But what happens when you don’t? Fear of failure can become your god when you find your identity through making a difference.
What defines you? Is it who you are? Some think they have found enlightenment in the saying, "It’s not what you do but who you are that matters." Unfortunately, that thinking sets us up for a self-centered life---"I"dolatry. Fortunately, there is another way.
The Bible tells the famous story of David and Bathsheba. King David, a man who loved God with all his heart, made horrible choices in arranging the death of Bathsheba’s husband (Uriah, his loyal friend and soldier) so he could take Bathsheba as his own. God confronted him through the prophet Nathan, and David repented. (Sometime read David’s prayer of repentance in Psalm 51. If you ever blow it, pray that prayer with all your heart and watch what happens.)
Though God forgave him, David experienced the painful consequences of his choices.
After the death of the child conceived in his adulterous affair with Bathsheba, David took her in as one of his wives. They named their next child Solomon, which means "peaceable." They were declaring, "We’ve been through a lot, but maybe we can have some peace now." They were like many people in our day, hoping for mere survival and maybe a little peace. It’s the best the world hopes for, and the best the world can offer.
But Jesus offers so much more.
Notice that "they named him Solomon," but the Lord named him Jedidiah---"beloved of the Lord."
As long as Solomon found his identity in being loved by the Lord, he became the wise king. But when he found his identity in being the wise king, he was given over to idolatry. Each one who is saved in Christ is His "Jedidiah." This identity is the Lord’s desire for every person. When you find your identity in what you do, your security depends upon your performance; but when you find your identity in being loved by the Lord, your security depends upon His performance.
We often make statements like, "I am a pastor… I am a teacher… I am a mother… I am a consultant… I am a student… I am an athlete"---often statements of identity. The truth is not that I am a pastor, but that I am a beloved child of the Lord who is doing the work of pastor.
If my happiness depends on what happens, the evil one can steal my happiness away. But if I rest in being the Lord’s beloved, then real life begins to well up inside me to overflowing.
Letting Jesus Love You
Jesus says, "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10, NKJV).
When my daughter Emily was editor of her college newspaper, she wrote an opinion column entitled, "Avoid identity theft, just be a schmuck!" Nice satire! Who wants to steal your identity if it’s not worth anything? However, the Bible says you were made in God’s image; you are of ultimate value to Him.
"This is real love. It is not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins" (1 John 4:10). Out of his real love for you, God sent His Son to rescue you by dying on the cross for you. The Lord invites you to come to Him and find real rest, real love, and the real identity He has won for you---the Jedidiah identity.
What’s in a name? As a Jedidiah, you would let more and more of Jesus’ loving presence rest upon you, and as you let Him be enough for you, He will transform your life.
Make no mistake, there is an enemy who wants not only to steal your identity but to kill and utterly destroy you. However, the One who made you loves you. This wonderful rescuer, Jesus, died on a cross for all of us schmucks! He wants to rescue and fill you with life overflowing. Let Him. He wants to reveal to you the secret of true contentment: let it be enough to just be loved by Him.
LET’S PRAY! Lord, You know how driven I can be. I’m so tired of proving my own worth. It’s lonely being so dependent on myself. I need more than just a little peace. I’m tired of finding my identity in what I do. I want to enjoy life as Your beloved child. I sometimes act as if You are not there and don’t care about me. Please forgive me. Help me feel secure in Your love. I choose to let You love me. Please show me how much You love me. Teach me to let Your love be enough. Shine Your light on the dark stuff in me. I give my hurts, fears, and angers to You. Clean me out! Fill me up with Your love.
I am putting my life truly in Your hands. My security now depends upon Your performance, not mine. I am Your Jedidiah. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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