Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Oiling the Rusty Parts

Oiling the Rusty Parts

There are times when your life feels like a piece of machinery that has become rusty over time. You know that there is a potential for power inside of you, but it seems that each time you step out, that you cannot do what you once did.

You look at your past and the things that you accomplished before and you wonder where the fire and ability went. You consider the experiences that you had in my spirit and the joy you felt and you yearn to have these once again.

My child I have not forsaken you! I have not taken my anointing away from you. You have simply allowed these things of power to become rusted over time. It does not mean that these things no longer work, you have just not put them into practice for some time now.

So as you are looking to me now to rise up once again and to experience my presence once again, you must start turning those things that have become old. Come back in my presence child and let my oil pour over you again.

Come and let me show you the way. Start now by taking your eyes off yourself and looking to others. As you begin to pour out again, the water of life that is inside of you will begin to flow again. For far too long now you have looked only at your own needs and conflicts. This has caused your spirit to dry up and my anointing to wane in your life.

If you hunger to sense my power again, then pour out to others! As you reach out your hand in love, my anointing will come once again and you will feel life in your bones. The rusty parts that have been dormant will begin to turn and they will resonate with a new life in your spirit.

So begin now by submitting to me and then look and see who you can pour out to. Slowly and quickly you will feel that stirring in your spirit again and you will be reminded of the joy you once felt in my presence. Come child and tap into the blessing that I have for you.

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