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Young Influencers List—June Edition

Young Influencers List—June Edition

Young Influencers List—June Edition
Seven young leaders you should get to know.
Here you go, the June edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past lists and monthly editions here.

1. Tindell Baldwin

Speaker and author of new book, Popular: Boys, Booze, and Jesus. Younger sister of Kristian Stanfill!

2. Seth Pinnock

London based, founder of the Midnight Oil Summit youth conference in the U.K. and also regional director for The Message Trust.

3. Jessica Taylor

Humanitarian photographer, storyteller and executive director of the IF: Gathering.

4. Jonathan Pearson

Assistant director of the Sticks Conference, campus pastor at Cornerstone Church in S.C. and co-founder of MillenialLeader.com.

5. Jessica Rey

Actress, former power ranger (for real!) and now founder of her own swimwear company.

6. Kevin Singleton

Speaker, musician at Hillsong, NYC, and founder and CEO of Elevate New York, an educational mentoring charity.

7. Mack Kitchel

Founder and creative director at Heystac, a design and web services company.

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