Sabtu, 29 November 2014

Clothed with Compassion

Imagine a life in which you eat one small meal a day. You own one set of clothes. When you bathe, you have no soap, wash cloths, or towels. That’s the circumstances for these villagers who live in Porte Farm, Zimbabwe. Christian Aid Mission assisted a local ministry that recently distributed brown beans, sugar, and clothes to about 150 people. Gospel workers also shared the Word of God, and 90 individuals committed their hearts to Jesus Christ. Hunger, both physical and spiritual, is a major problem in many rural communities in Zimbabwe. The maize they cultivate is ground into cornmeal and usually yields enough to last only about three months. Children and the elderly are most at risk of illness or starvation. The ministry would like to do continued outreach in this area, proclaiming the good news of salvation and giving food, shoes, undergarments, and other clothes to the poorest of the poor.

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