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Making Sandwiches to Change the World

Making Sandwiches to Change the World
By Adrian Hawkes, Special to ASSIST News Service
LONDON, UK (ANS – March 1, 2015) -- Regenerate (www.regenerateuk.co.uk) is a community of Jesus followers in South London that keep coming up with new and interesting projects to change the way things are.
The Feel Good Bakery logo Adrian HawkesTheir latest project, which deserves publicity and promotion, is simple -- sandwich making, well not simple really as they tell me immediately that these sandwiches are not just normal sandwiches, they are just special, or in their words, “They contain the finest ingredients known to man in South West London.”
Based in Putney, they have named the Project “The Feel Good Bakery.” It is a very special sandwich making enterprise in that for every sandwich sold a meal is provided for a youngster in either Romania, South Africa, or in Kenya!
Not only that, but those employed by the company are people who have had problems in the past, either in terms of not being able to find employment, never having been employed, or having just come from serving a prison sentence.
In the words of one staff member Jordan Mary, “The enterprise exists to help young people who want to change, and actively engage in a positive lifestyle, both in terms of employment and character development.”
To date the Andy Smith, the founder and chairman of the project, told me that they have funded 16,000 meals in Kenya and Romania and are currently employing five young adults on the project.
Another member of staff, Anna, said, “I am working with ‘The Feel Good Bakery,” the new social enterprise started by Regenerate in June 2014. My role is to create a personal development program that runs alongside the sandwich business.
“The enterprise exists to help young people who want to change and actively engage in a positive lifestyle, both in terms of employment and character development.
“I meet with each team member individually to discuss goals and aspirations, as well as any challenges that might make future employment difficult. I also spend time linking with potential business mentors, inspirational course directors, and leaders of other social enterprise schemes in order to share ideas and create a network of contacts and opportunities that will help our team members develop in all areas of their lives.”
This enterprise is a response to the need to provide support and employment for young people caught up in negative behavior. “The Feel Good Bakery” trains, coaches and employs young people who are turning their backs on gang life and crime.
And to quote from their own publicity, “For every ‘Feel Good’ sandwich bought, a child in need of food will receive a free meal.”
That’s it. Simple. My paraphrase is: “One Small Sandwich for man; one giant sandwich for mankind.” For more information, go to www.thefeelgoodbakery.com.
Photo caption: Logo for the bakery
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