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"Adoption saved my life"

"Adoption saved my life"

By Jane Riccardi, Students for Life Northeast Regional Coordinator and current Rock for Life Summer Festivals Coordinator
The second week of the 2015 Rock for Life Summer Tour came to a successful close over the weekend! The Red Beast, Anja, and I made our way to Mount Union, Pennsylvania, to take on Creation Fest last Tuesday. After all the rain at Alive Fest the week before, I felt prepared for anything! It was exciting camping out on the huge field in front of the main Creation Stage, and there was always a crowd of people in front of the Rock for Life booth.
Tina met us there the next day so that she could talk about our Hope and Future Campaign, a new initiative to aid student moms choose life and finish their education. As Anja aptly stated, “it should never be that someone has to choose between her baby and her education.” So many people we talked to were encouraged and touched by the Hope and Future Campaign; some women we met had been teen moms themselves who chose to leave school so that they could keep their babies, and they were so moved by this new opportunity.

Along those lines, our Baby Bottle and Onesie fundraiser was also very successful at Creation! Over 60 baby bottles and onesies were donated, and these will go directly to moms in need.

One of the coolest groups of people we met was the band, Backstage Royalty. They donated to the Baby Bottle Campaign, and wore our t-shirts when they played on Saturday! Talking to such a dynamic and passionate group of guys was so encouraging; the pro-life movement needs young role models! We are the pro-life generation!

Overall, the week was a huge success. The responses in our Why are you Pro-Life notebook were overwhelming; we talked to hundreds of students and parents about ways to get involved with the pro-life movement in their communities, and we shared and heard amazing stories from people who have been personally touched by the presence of abortion in their lives. Rock on, pro-lifers!

We have this weekend off but July is going to be crazy! Next weekend we are in three different locations alone! To get the full schedule click here.

Please consider making a financial contribution to our summer tour. This will be the first time many teens and young adults will hear the pro-life message and we need to get to as many festivals as possible.
Thank you so much!

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