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What Did Your Hands Do Today?

What Did Your Hands Do Today? (Writer's Opinion)
By Carol Round, Special to ASSIST News Service
CLAREMORE, OK (ANS – August 2, 2015) -- “Whatever you do, do it from the heart for the Lord and not for people”—Colossians 3:23 (CEB).
Using our hands for God Carol RoundHave you ever closely examined your hands or the hands of another? While that might seem like a strange question, a recent devotional made me contemplate my own hands. In a little more than three months, I will celebrate my 62nd birthday. When I compare my hands to the smooth unblemished hands of my grandchildren, I try to recall what mine looked like before they became permanently marked with the telltale signs of aging.
More important than the appearance of our hands is what they have accomplished for God. We can choose to use our hands in worthless pursuits designed for personal gain or we can follow Jesus’ example to serve others.
In June, I was blessed to have my two oldest grandchildren participate in a week-long mission through our church’s VBS. Each day, the fifth and sixth-graders took part in a different project to teach them about the importance of serving others. One of our day’s activities involved helping at the local Meals on Wheels, a nonprofit dedicated to delivering hot food to shut-ins in Claremore. Most of those receiving assistance are the elderly.
My grandson enjoyed that day’s service project so much he volunteered to return in July and serve again. Last week, he spent the night with me. After breakfast, we drove to the Meals on Wheels headquarters where Brennan, who had just celebrated his 10th birthday the week before, assisted Jack Weyler, president of the nonprofit, to pack the eight meals we would be delivering. Mr. Weyler, who is in his mid-80s, is not the oldest volunteer who shows up faithfully to either cook, pack or delivers meals. One volunteer is 92-years-old.
The author of the devotional I mentioned above said, “When I paused to ponder my answer (to what did your hands do today?), I realized that what I was doing with my hands was small but worthwhile. On Mondays, I go to the church and take apart the large church flower arrangement from the Sunday services to make small bouquets for the sick, elderly, or lonely members. I spend a few hours sorting the flowers and rearranging them. Then someone else distributes them.”
The devotional writer added, “Although my work is a small effort, I know it spreads joy and love to people who often feel forgotten.”
Jesus reminds us in Matthew 25:33-40 that what we do for the hungry and thirsty, for the strangers and the unclothed as well as those who are ill or in prison, we have done it for one of the least of His brothers and sisters and “you have done it for me.”
We can waste our time and money or we can invest it in God’s kingdom. At the end, God is not going to ask us what kind of car we drove, how large our house was or how many clothes hung in our closet. His concern is for those we’re helping along the way.
What are your hands doing today?
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