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Free Youth Game: "Fact or Fiction"

Free Youth Game: "Fact or Fiction"

Game - Fact
3 headlines that actually appeared in the Weekly World News, plus one that’s made up.

Free Youth Game

Download this game to break the ice at your next youth group gathering.
From YouthMinistry.com, “Here’s a really dumb/fun PowerPoint game called “Fact or Fiction: World News Edition” that I made for my youth group a while back. It’s an upfront game. We would divide the room in half. Have a “spokesperson” for each section come up front. We would show 4 headlines from the Weekly World News. Three actually appeared in the newspaper. One, we made up. The section would have to shout the number of the one we made up. The spokesperson for each section would give that sections’ official answer. It’s a lot of fun to use as an opener at youth gatherings.”

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