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Free Youth Series: “Down to Earth”

Free Youth Series: “Down to Earth”

What does it really look like to be a disciple?

Free Youth Series

Download this 3-week series to share with your youth ministry.
From Open Network, “What does it really look like to be a disciple? What does it even mean? A disciple is someone who follows Christ and tries to live like He lived. This series is all about helping students understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ and live like Him in everyday life. Find message videos, guides, and supporting materials below for free. In this unit, the year is 2057, and Jennifer lands an exciting new job with Cosmic Kinetics, a company that comes up with wacky inventions for people on other planets. As she’s finding her way, she meets her childhood hero and becomes his disciple. Soon she learns how special her new team is and what a difference they’re making in the lives of others.”
This kids series package includes:
  • Experience guides
  • Game guides
  • Teaching segment videos
  • Message videos
  • Challenge Cards in PDF format

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Resource provided by Open Network

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