Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

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Dear partner in the gospel,
When we first started working on Bible Studies for Life more than three years ago, we were driven by the conviction that discipleship happens in the context of real life. That's where the call to live like Jesus plays out. And that's where faithful followers of Christ need their support.
This conviction is why Bible Studies for Life was designed to intentionally apply God's Word to the daily lives of adults, students, and kids. These studies were crafted to be engaging and conversational, helping people build community around the Word—because discipleship happens best in a community. And for the last three years we have been blessed and encouraged to hear the stories of churches just like yours, and how Bible Studies for Life helped them apply the Word to their daily lives.
As this fall approaches, Bible Studies for Life will begin a new, three-year study plan for adults, students, and kids. This plan has been updated to reflect our ongoing commitment to God's Word as the ultimate source of discipleship. It also includes what we've learned from churches like yours and from the largest research study ever conducted into how disciples are made. This research confirms that there are clear characteristics of a disciple, and we are tailoring our study plan around these characteristics to better equip disciples throughout their lifetime.
You might be wondering, what does this mean for us?
  1. It means that you can expect the same trustworthy content you already know, but with practical enhancements that better fit your ministry needs.
  2. It means your people—adults, students, and kids—will be walking through a biblical, research-backed discipleship plan that functions well in the context of your ministry.
  3. It means that our commitment to helping you make disciples at every age, and equip them to live more like Jesus Christ in everyday life, is still front and center.
It is our mission to serve you as you make disciples. I invite you to preview a free session from our new study plan, as well as learn more about the research behind the plan at BibleStudiesForLife.com/fall2016.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you.
JR Lovins
Brand Manager
Bible Studies for Life

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