Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

Join the Street Team - Get Free Swag

Join the Street Team - Get Free Swag

The Rock for Life Street Team is a network of young people who want to be active for the pro-life message and the pro-life movement in their communities and online through social media.

If you love life, love to save babies from abortion and their moms from the trauma associated with aborting their children while being creative, having fun and winning pro-life swag, then this is for you!.
Through the Rock for Life Street Team you will be joining other young activists from around the country who want to do the same. Also, when there is a Rock for Life event or volunteer opportunity in your area, you will be the first to know!
Besides the joy of converting the hearts and minds of your peers, as well as saving children's lives, you will earn points for every action you take! Once you earn enough points you can exchange them for FREE Rock for Life swag! Click here to check out some of the sweet merch you can claim, how many points you need to claim your prize, and how to do it.
So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!
Your first action item will be to Tag Your Turf! Simply put our Rock for Life logo sticker on your bumper, laptop, guitar case, backpack etc., take a picture, put on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, tag us and use the hashtag #rflstreetteam. Take a screenshot of your work and email it to us at  streetteam@rockforlife.org or message us through one of our social media accounts. This action item will earn you 1,000 points!

If you do not have a Rock for Life logo sticker, simply reply to this email and we will get you a sticker ASAP!

Thanks so much!

To officially join the Rock for Life Street Team click here.

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