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Babies Saved, Scars Healed and Hearts Changed - First Half of Tour Wrap Up.

Babies Saved, Scars Healed and Hearts Changed - First Half of Tour Wrap Up.

This summer mission trip started as one of the wettest and muddiest in history. We walked into the tent to open the booth on day one of Alive Festival and found the whole booth smashed, as the workers had collapsed our corner of the circus tent that houses the booth area.

The Alive staff quickly got the tent company to order us new display stands and we were able to rig up a temporary display.

Within hours of getting the displays fixed, the area behind our booth flooded and we had 6 inches of water to walk through as we worked. We truly started off the summer with a bang and a whole lot of mud.

We survived the mud and rain bonanza that was Alive Festival and went on to Creation East, Cornerstone and Lifest, and are now back at the office preparing for the second half of the mission trip.

I have dozens of amazing stories I could tell you about the mission trip and what God has done, but I would have to type out a 20 page newsletter to tell you all of them.

We know of two babies that were saved so far at the festivals; one at our booth, and one at another pro-life booth.

We had talks with many young people that approached our booth claiming to be pro-choice and left calling themselves pro-life. We talked to many people who were on the fence or had exceptions and are now solidly pro-life.

These are just some of the amazing things God did with the team so far this year. However, there is one story that stands out that I wanted to share with you.

I met a precious young girl at Lifest whose story broke my heart. She is 15 years old and has been through more hell than most people will experience in a lifetime.

She shared with me how she had turned to drugs and prostitution to survive and had already had an abortion. She told me about her family life, or lack thereof. Her arms were riddled with cutting scars.

I fought back the tears as I listened to this beautiful child confess to more than most adults will ever go through. I could not help but think of my own daughters and how much this would kill me if they were telling this story.

I shared with her how precious she was in God’s eyes and how, when she asks Him for forgiveness, all of her past is wiped clean. She prayed with me and a youth pastor from her town and poured her heart out to Christ.

I told her that God no longer even knows she ever did those things, that He has thrown her sins as far as the east is from the west.

I gave her a hug and let her know she was precious and that I would be proud to have her as my daughter. I gave her my card and told her she could call anytime: she also got plugged in with the youth leader from a local church.

I was sitting at the booth the next day and she came up to me and gave me a picture she had drawn for me. I again had to fight back the tears as I imagined my own daughter, who draws pictures for me all the time. The best part of the picture was the word “hope” repeated all over the picture.

While I get to see so many amazing things happen each summer, I am continually blown away by what God allows us to encounter and be a part of.

I can’t give you this girls name, but God knows who she is. Please pray for her and for all the girls like her that we meet while on the road.

This is the kind of work you are supporting when you donate to Stand True. We still have 8 more weeks of the Summer Mission Trip and thousands of miles to drive. We leave in a couple of days for the west coast, and then all the way back to New Hampshire the week after.

We also will be ordering a ton more literature and resources for the second half. The first half had some unexpected expenses and there will probably be a few more as we drive all the way across the country.

Please consider supporting the Stand True Summer Mission Trip and sharing our work with your friends. We know there are so many other girls out there who need help and we want to make sure were are there for them.

We also ask you to commit to praying for us and our work as we hit the road again.

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For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper - bryankemper@standtrue.com

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