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-Darren Smith.

As the economy gets worse, we are seeing more and more people
join the ranks of the homeless. Last Saturday the alarming trend
of families being homeless continued. Three more new families
with kids were at the street outreach. All came to Galveston with
the hopes of finding jobs and soon ran out of money and went from
hotels to the street.

Can you imagine living in the street with your kids? What about
trying to sleep with your wife and kids in an alley or on the beach?
It's not safe at all living in the street for men, much less families.

The group helping us Saturday was broken by the amount of people we fed and prayed for Saturday morning, but the ones that went back out that night were in shock as we passed out food and blankets on the beach to a group living under a torn up hotel on the beach. Most people don't realize how many people there are in this condition, when in reality most are only 3 paychecks away from being homeless. On the Houston news tonight they had a report where in this last year 30 thousand more people, including children, have been forced to the streets in Houston alone, not counting the whole area. These are staggering numbers to say the least, and I believe they are true from the increase we are seeing in the street. With this, there is a huge opportunity to bring people to Christ if the Body steps up to the plate. The Church should be on the front line of this harvest, but sadly it is not – or should I say - not yet.

I believe that God is stirring the remnant to arise and take to the
street. As I travel, I find many who have a heart to do just this and am asking for direction. We are working with a group in Wisconsin who are starting a street ministry right now in the inner city of Milwaukee. I will be going back up there in a few weeks to teach hands-on in the street to get them started. Please pray for us we also have a group in Virginia and New York City wanting to start up now as well.

I will continue to shout to the masses to awake for the Kingdom is
at hand and to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom no matter the cost. It's funny how this offends so many religious people and how many new critics that I have found. But I also have found people from all over the world that feel the same way.

Please pray for us as our burden increases. We know the Lord
will supply. We are always looking for people who are willing to
take it to the streets. If you are in any of these areas and willing to step out please contact us.

We also are looking for prayer warriors that want to connect with
us as we send prayer needs out to those who commit to pray as
well as street preachers and musicians. We also always need
supplies as well as support. We believe that God is building a
network of believers to shine the light during these hard times.

We have many ministry opportunities in many places; no matter
what you can do, God can use you. Remember this; God is not
looking for your ability but your availability.

This is the greatest of all times to be serving the Lord as He is
pouring out His Spirit in abundance. Every time we are out we see
miracles and great advancement of His Kingdom. Last but not least, I ask you to walk in faith and not fear in these hard times.
God is still in control and will carry us through. We are on the
verge of the greatest move of God in all times.

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