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Your Bourne Identity - Born Identity!

Your Bourne Identity - Born Identity!

Dr. Kluane Spake
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Sometimes movies can speak to us of Spiritual Truths.

The Bourne Identity is a spy fiction novel where the Jason Bourne must discover who he is and why lots of groups (including assassins AND the CIA) all want to kill him. We first meet Jason floating in the Mediterranean with a head wound that results in amnesia. The doctor who treats him discovers a message that has been surgically embedded in his hip. We discover that this message is the mysterious number of a Swiss bank account.

The Bourne Identity spy movie stared Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Jason soon realizes that he has extraordinary linguistic, fighting, and self defense abilities. He races to unlock the secret of his own identity.

Of course, Jason Bourne's enemies all assume that he knows who he is. The novel unfolds as Jason discovers more and more of the puzzle about his true PAST identity.

Well... if we are going to have amnesia it would be pretty nice to find out we had a secret Swiss deposit box! But... really our secret is even better. But... it seems that we believers have amnesia! We can't seem even to remember that we have full access to God's immeasurable bank account! NOW, in this lifetime!

Surely the analogy is clear! God has given us an incalculable inheritance. He created us with great mission and purpose. He has made us heirs of all things. The Holy Spirit has given us extraordinary linguistic abilities!

All opposition tried to keep Jason Bourn from discovering his identity. Even the seemingly "Good Guys" tried to prevent him from knowing who he was. But he had an urgency to know the truth.

Similarly, the mystery and quest of our life is to discover WHO we are in Christ. Our BORN IDENTITY - who we were born again to BE. This secret identity has been lost from the ages. What exactly was given to us in the Garden? Discovering these truths of who we already are, must become the focus of our mission assignment.

Jason never quits. He never gave up and he didn't flinch at the rapidly changing difficult circumstances. We don't need to plan a way of escape from the enemy or the world! We plan a way to win. We plan to actualize who God wants to BE in us. And who we are in Him. What He wants to say through us. And, how He wants to serve through us.

As we gain information, no enemy can stand. All "bad guys" are illuminated. Every injury is bravely endured for the greater goal. Nothing can disappoint us! Detours only provoke us with greater determination to WIN.

As Jason raced to the finish line, everything started to accelerate. He began to have ever-revealing "flash backs" about his past life. Selah! We begin to remember who we were called to be before the foundation of the world. In fact, like Jeremiah, we remember that we were ordained before the world was framed.

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