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Feed the Hungry!

Feed the Hungry!

When you come to hear the voice of the Lord for yourself it becomes a way of life. Yet others who have not learned to do this are STARVED. They hunger to hear the Lord speak to them. Just the knowledge that you have gained in this course so far has enabled you to feed that hunger in others. In our Way of Freedom Course in AMI-TC we teach how to identify a person's problem and help them find solutions in the Word.

Add the power of the spirit to that and you will be a mighty tool in the Lord's hand to feed many others! Right now I want to take you step by step on how to minister to someone else. Perhaps someone gives you their dream to interpret. Perhaps someone asks you for prayer or shares a vision with you.

How do you approach the subject?

Should you pray?

How should you handle this situation?

I have already given you clear direction on how to do this for dream interpretation in the Way of Dreams and Visions book in the chapter on "Interpreting for others", so I am not going to repeat that here. Instead I am going to give you some key secrets in ministering to any person, any time, with any need! This can apply to any sort of ministry, but I am going to apply it specifically to the Gift of Visions!

Case Scenario:
A friend of yours comes over for a visit. She is having a really bad week. She had a fight with her husband and with her children. Her life seems a mess. She asks you to pray with her so that she can have peace. What do you do?

Step 1: You CAN do this!
Now if you are not used to ministering to someone, I want you to realize that if you are born again that you have the ability to minister! This kind of encouragement is not just for spiritual leaders. God can use you too!

Step 2: Give it to the Lord
As you come to pray (using my story as an example) simply give the situation to the Lord. As the Holy Spirit to give you revelation and wisdom. Then, wait a little for the Lord to speak.

Step 3: Visions
As the person has reached out to you in faith, realize that the Lord will give you something to share with them. It is now your turn to reach out to the Lord and ask for something to pour out! Last week we spoke about hearing God through all your five senses. Now you get to practice that project in real life! It is very likely though that you will see pictures in your mind as you pray. Visions.

Ok, now here is the first thing to remember if you get a vision: DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING! Do not try to understand or put your own ideas into what you see in the spirit. Instead just share your vision with your friend.

Say for example you see a big stone blocking a well of water. You would then say to your friend,

"I see a big stone blocking a well of water in the spirit, do you know if that means anything to you?"

Often the Lord has begun to speak to that person already and it will make perfect sense. However if it does not mean anything to them, THEN is the time to share what you feel. If you look at the Word, the scripture speaks of rivers of living water being inside of us. This is the well in the vision! However there is a blockage...there is a stone on the well. So you could share with your friend,

"I believe that the Lord is saying that there is something blocking your spiritual life and stopping the joy and peace you need inside of you."

Step 4: Speaking it out.
It is important to finish your time of prayer by applying what you see. Getting revelation alone is not good enough! You can then flow as you are led. If you get no further revelation you could simply pray that the Holy Spirit reveals the blockage to the person and pray that He would remove it so that they can hear from Him and walk in peace again.

You might 'feel your way around' at first, but after that you will flow more and more.

Final Note:
On a final note, do not feel condemned if you do not get any revelation. It is for the person who is coming to you for ministry to come in faith. It is THEIR faith that will license the Holy Spirit to give you revelation just like Paul tells us in: 1 Corinthians 12:11 But all these are operated by exactly the same Spirit, distributing to everyone separately as he wills. (AMIV)

If you do not get anything at all, then simply speak blessing over your friend in faith and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything in her life that He wants to change.

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