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-by Steve Goodyear.

To those that KNOW their God and HEAR His voice.. there is a
true Spiritual Revival going on. You won't see it on TV or hear it
on the radio or read about it in the newspapers. It is not being
publicized or even talked about in most "churches" but it is truly
happening in the hearts of individuals who are sold out.

Its just like the story Samson, near the end when his HAIR that
was SHORN, his perfect covering, his righteousness before God,
the source of his power and authority was completely cut off by
the woman he LOVED AND TRUSTED! (Yes. Her name was
Delilah and she's a type of this endtime APOSTATE supposedly
SPIRITUAL, counterfeit CHURCH). The motive of her heart was
never really to serve and love him but to find out the SECRET to
his power and strength and to CAPITALIZE on it so SHE could
buy a BIGGER HOUSE and live an ABUNDANT LIFE of
THE WORLD as her friends and allies!

She feigned love and thus entered in to the SECRET of his
fellowship, but she betrayed him, like Aiken or Jezebel. Like
Uzza or Judas. Her TRUE motives were exposed and she
couldn't help seeking the GOLD and the SILVER instead of
the creator of Heaven and Earth! And for a moment it looked
like she'd won. No doubt she thought so. But in the darkness
of the prison, alone, reviled and persecuted, Samson's hair
began to grow back!!

The unsuspecting Philistines celebrating their "temporary"
VICTORY (and no doubt, Delilah with her newfound
PROSPERITY!) were OBLIVIOUS, caught up in their own
deception and totally unsuspecting when Samson revealed the
REAL power of Godliness and toppled their entire kingdom.
What he gave up in love was given back to him pressed down
shaken together and running over and his END was greater than
his beginning. Samson is indeed a pattern of Christ and the
Resurrection, but he also presents a very vivid picture of the
end time overcomers. Those who are willing to lay down their lives
and their "lifestyles" for the Kingdom of God! Those like Daniel
and his three Hebrew friends who KNEW THEIR GOD and who
against all odds refused to compromise or bow down to the
King, his "IMAGE" or the Kingdom of this world! No matter what
the apparent consequences. They each, like Abraham, believed
that it was GOD who gave them life and it was GOD alone who
could RAISE THEM BACK UP AGAIN! "Whoever seeks to
SAVE his life WILL LOSE IT! and Whoever LOSES his life for
my name's sake will FIND IT!"

The Bible is replete with examples of God moving OUTSIDE the
city or outside the church! Samson, whose life is a true prophetic
timeline for end time events, clearly reveals this. Notice when
He was with the "prostitute" he only stayed until the middle of
the night! Then he got up, in the midst of the darkness, took hold
of the door and the doorpost at the gateway to the city, a clear
type of Jesus (the door) hanging on the cross (the posts.) He
uprooted it and carried it away on his shoulders where he
Doesn't that seem like a pretty clear picture of someone's
"candlestick" being removed?

WE need to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His
Righteousness! Wherever it takes us. Even if its to a high hill
OUTSIDE the hustling and bustling big city! We need to return
to the true GOSPEL, the Cross and the Blood of Jesus.

The Prostitute in this story represents a people interested only
in a LEGALISTIC contractual agreement with God. What's in it
for me? What do I have to do to get MY REWARD or MY profit!
She's more interested in the BENEFITS than the BENEFACTOR!!
She's in it for The GIFTS and not for the GIVER! SHE wants the
"fruit of her labors" for herself, not as an offering to the Lord.

This is indeed a STERN warning to true Christian Believers.
WAKE UP or lose everything you thought you had! THIS IS
WHAT it TRULY MEANS WHEN IT SAYS.. "Give and it shall be
GIVEN BACK TO YOU!! Pressed down, shaken together and
running over.." That's NOT a prosperity message - its the
GOSPEL!! Train your eyes on JESUS and let go of all you are
holding onto.

Look at Jacob who in the end had to GIVE UP EVERYTHING
before he could face the angel of the Lord and receive his NEW
NAME. He first GAVE UP his flocks and herds. His servants
and his wives and children. EVERYTHING he'd gained under
the Blessing he'd received from his father, everything he'd
worked so long and hard to acquire while serving Laban. THEN
he approached God and laid down his life in order to obtain the
blessing! In the end not only did he receive the new name but
everything he gave up was restored to him as well as his LIFE
and his relationship with his older brother! Only by surrendering
his ALL and falling on the rock of humility before God and being
broken could he face his older brother (a TYPE OF JESUS at
the second coming and judgment). He received GRACE and
RESTORATION instead of judgment and the sure Death that
was DUE him for his sin against his brother years earlier!

This process is the eye of the needle! That small place we all
must enter in by. The STRAIGHT AND NARROW GATE which
FEW find.

-Steve Goodyear,

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