Kamis, 17 Maret 2016

My Dog's Guide To Discipleship And Obedience

My Dog's Guide To Discipleship And Obedience

By Alex Absalom — www.dandelionresourcing.com

Meet Molly! She is our 3 years old chocolate Labrador.

Molly's world is centered on a busy, noisy family — Hannah and myself, our 3 teenage sons, an assorted range of their pimply friends, increasing numbers of well-groomed long-haired girls, along with neighbors, members of our missional community, people from church, and other waifs and strays.

She loves to go out — on walks, in the car, even joining me on occasions in the church office, where she diligently supervises any member of staff who is eating their lunch.
She adores meeting people. In fact, Molly has never met someone who isn't her friend. Every person has a face that needs licking and a bottom that deserves sniffing.

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