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After abuse by a priest he entered the gay lifestyle

After abuse by a priest he entered the gay lifestyle, but God’s love pulled him out
By Mark Ellis, Special to ASSIST News Service
(ANS - Southern California, January 16, 2015) -- He was the surprise baby his mother never really wanted and he grew up in an abusive family environment. Later the abuse became sexual outside the home, which began a downward spiral until God's love rescued his soul.
"I was emotionally and mentally abused by my mother and brothers," says Charlie Edwards, author of "Broken Trust: a journey from survivor to victor and beyond."
He attended Catholic school in New England until the second grade and is thankful for a nun who instilled a love for reading that persists to this day. But after he finished second grade, his mother told him: "We're not going to waste any more money on you in Catholic school because you're stupid."
Actually he had a very high IQ, and was later invited to join Mensa, the organization for people with very high intelligence.
His father was a stockbroker and a good provider for the family. Edwards has fond memories of his dad, but the busy financial advisor worked hard and traveled frequently, which crowded out time with his kids.
"When I turned 10 I wanted to become an altar boy," Edwards recalls. Unfortunately, the priest overseeing the program was also a predator who began to molest him for the next two years.
The priest was reassigned to another parish, which spared Edwards further indignities, but the damage was done.
One year after the priest's transfer, Edwards sought out his first sexual encounter with an older boy. He links the abuse at the hands of the priest with his sexual inclinations. "Because of the abuse I sought out the homosexual lifestyle," he asserts. "I didn't get the affirmation I needed at home from my father. This was the reason I went the way I went."
Edwards felt there was no other alternative. "I knew this was the way I was going to be."

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