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Kristen Feola’s Online Daniel Fast Participation Growing

Kristen Feola’s Online Daniel Fast Participation Growing
By Les Stobbe, Special to ASSIST News Service
TRYON, NC (ANS – January 28, 2015) -- The fourth 21-day online January Daniel Fast led by Kristen Feola set new records for participation, with 5,467 newsletter subscribers, 211 team leaders, and website traffic so strong it overloaded her server, with 153,000 visitors on the second day of the fast.
Daniel Fast front cover Les Stobbie storyAuthor of The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast and Spiritually Strong, Feola’s nearly 5500 newsletter subscribers every day received a short video message from her, a daily devotion, three recipes, and other helpful resources.
Feola’s newest tactic was to enlist team leaders, with 212 representing groups from all over the world agreeing to encourage members of their group to buy The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast and use Spiritually Strong for follow-up. Amazingly, one of the largest groups, with 42 participants, was in Saudi Arabia.
Feola says, “I'm always so encouraged by the number of believers who join in prayer and fasting every January. Our theme for this year's online Daniel Fast was, ‘Spiritually Strong,’ because our desire for 2015 is to, ‘Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power’ (Eph. 6:10). The fast ended Saturday, January 24th, and already I've received many testimonies about God's faithfulness. The Lord has given victory over sin, strength during weakness, wisdom in job situations, and salvation of loved ones!”
One fast participant emailed to share the miracle God did in the life of her Buddhist father. Her dad, who lives in Singapore, has never been interested in the things of God. But in the last two weeks he began attending a Chinese church with a friend. On day 20 of her fast, the woman received word that her dad gave his life to the Lord! She wrote, “I’m overjoyed! I have been praying for his salvation for 28 years.”
Feola comments, “This woman's story is a perfect example why we must continue to pray fervently, not just in January but throughout the year.”
Kristen Feola's websites are: www.kristenfeola.com and www.ultimatedanielfast.com
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