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A Message from God?

A Message from God?
By Jeremy Reynalds, Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service (jeremyreynalds@gmail.com)
JAVEA, SPAIN (ANS -- APRIL 12, 2015) -- Clive and Ann Read have lived in Spain for almost 30 years, and while Ann enjoys her camera, nothing like this has ever happened before.
This, of course, was a picture of the sunrise with a clearly visible cross.
Spanish crossIn an email interview Ann said she has taken photos all over the world of sunrises and sunsets (including many from the same balcony as the one she used on Easter Sunday), but this was the first time the cross had appeared on any of her pictures.
While focusing the camera on the sunrise that morning, Ann couldn’t see the cross.
She continued, “It was only when I glanced at the picture I had taken which appeared automatically on the back screen of the camera, that I saw the cross so clearly. I was so excited I went upstairs to our upper balcony to take a better photo, but the photo was an ordinary sunrise; no sign of the cross. I then dashed downstairs to the balcony and took another photo, and lo and behold the cross was visible again.”
Ann said she couldn't wait to take the flash card out of her camera and load it onto her computer to get a better view of the cross.
Ann said she emailed the picture to Clive, and told him she had sent a very special photo from God reminding us on Resurrection Sunday of the sacrifice His Son made on the cross. Opening up his computer to look at the picture, Ann said Clive was as amazed as she was.
About an hour after taking the photo, Ann was washing her hair in the bathroom when, she said, “I felt an intense heat on my left cheek as if I was standing too close to a ... heater, but we don't have one.”
She added, “I believe it was God, through the Holy Spirit assuring me of His presence at all times, especially in times of difficulty. Clive and I had been going through a very stressful month and feeling very low, and God was reminding us through the photo and the intense heat, that He is so close to us at all times.”
Ann and Clive showed the picture to many people the next few days. She said that even non Christians have described it as “a sign from God.”
Ann added, “It has certainly made many of them think again about the significance of Easter in a new light.”
Clive concluded, “There has been no retouching with any product like Photoshop. God can do it on his own.”
Clive Read may be reached at clive@cliveread.com
Photo caption: Was this a message from God? (Photo: Ann Read)
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