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Jeff Holder, Still Helping Kids

Jeff Holder, Still Helping Kids
By Dan Wooding, founder of ASSIST and ASSIST News Service
Jeff HolderHOLLYWOOD, CA (ANS -- March 30, 2015) – Jeff Holder has a passion to help kids. He's been an executive at ABC Kids Programs, VP of Development at Hanna-Barbera/Cartoon Network and VP Creative Affairs at Sony Wonder.
He's also produced the Veggie Tales’ Cartoon “Adventures of Larryboy,” and the missions movie “The Godman,” an animated version of The Book of Hope, which is the Gospel for kids.
Besides all of this, Jeff has written feature screenplays and also creates evangelistic apps for cellular phones. He has received the Angel Award and the Candlelight Award from Regent University and serves as a judge for UCLA’s screenwriting expo and the Humanitas Award.
If that wasn’t enough, he’s been teacher and mentor for Teen Mania, Act One and other venues. Jeff, who lives in the Los Angeles area, is also on the leadership team for Visual Story Network and on the board of directors for NextManga, and WorldWide Advance.
Having not seen him for a while, I was intrigued to discover what his latest kid’s project was and I caught up with Jeff at the 23rd Annual Movieguide® Faith and Values gala recently at the Universal Hilton Hotel, and was able to discover how his passion has taken him into a new ministry, as the Executive Director of CCommunications for Children's Hunger Fund.
Chicago“I’m still doing media, but now with Children’s Hunger Fund which serves hungry kids here in the US and around the world. We equip the local church to deliver food into their own community, helping the families and sharing the gospel,” he said.
So I asked Jeff how it all worked, and he replied, “Corporate and individual donors provide bulk food which is boxed up by volunteers and sent to the churches. A Food Pak box is 20 pounds of food and will make about 48 meals.
“The local church attempts to help the needy families out of poverty, share the gospel with them, and serves them in many ways. But it all starts with this Food Pak box. This year in 2015 we’re launching a campaign called ‘Think Inside The Box’ and we’re looking to raise 25,000,000 meals through the whole year for the hungry in the US and around the world. It’s all about serving kids.”
ThailandAnd that is something Jeff Holder has been doing for many years.
For more information on this fine ministry, just go to http://childrenshungerfund.org/
Photo captions: 1) Jeff Holder, as busy as ever. 2) Children’s Hunger Fund works throughout the US. Pictured here is a young boy in Chicago. 3) A Food Pak box is 20 pounds of food that makes about 48 meals. Pictured here is a young girl in Thailand.
Note: I would like to thank Robin Frost for transcribing this interview.
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