Jumat, 17 April 2015

They Live Where Worshiping Christ Is Illegal

We Know Them By Name
“Chin Su” threw some things in a small bag and started walking. She walked for a day and a half before reaching the church. She gave the pastor her name, and, to her great delight, he gave her a Bible — the first one she’d ever owned.
Chin Su was willing to walk for more than 12 hours to get a copy of God's Word. For many believers in restricted and hostile nations, Bible ownership is out of the question. Bibles in these areas are simply unavailable or too costly for poor believers.
This year, VOM workers have collected the names of 249,843 believers from hostile and restricted nations who are waiting for a Bible. Each Bible costs just $6, including the cost of distribution. Join us in providing Bibles to these waiting believers today.
Give a Believer a Bible

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