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The Kundalini Yoga instructor who found Jesus

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The Kundalini Yoga instructor who found Jesus
By Mark Ellis, Special to ASSIST News Service
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS -- April 13, 2015) -- After a near-death experience in his freshman year at Florida State, he embarked on a quest for the “true light” and ultimately became a yoga instructor at four universities – until a hitchhiking encounter left him changed.
“I had been a rock musician in my latter high school years, but the alcohol, the drugs, the absence of moral boundaries took its toll,” says Mike Shreve, the founder of Deeper Revelation Books and Shreve Ministries.
Mike nearly died after ingesting a bad batch of LSD shortly after he entered college.
“I was not a heavy drug user, but I had a bad trip,” he explains. “I lost control of my body, was convulsing, couldn’t get up. I felt like my soul left my body and went into a dark void.”
The experience frightened him enough to quit drugs and he began to explore nearly every new philosophy or belief system that crossed his path. While raised a Roman Catholic, he thought the insistence on one way to God seemed narrow-minded.
He studied Ayn Rand, Herman Hess, Meher Baba and other books by gurus and out-of-the box thinkers. He joined an Edgar Cayce meditation group in Orlando, which used “The Lord’s Prayer” as a basis for meditation, but reinterpreted the prayer to promote metaphysical concepts.
Yogi Bhajan, a guru from India, who arrived in America to help the flower children find their way spiritually, became a big influence. “He taught us about yoga. The emphasis was not on obtaining a relationship with God, but rather, on attaining a realization of our inherent oneness with God (actually, an understanding that we are God), Mike notes.
In every free moment — between his college classes – Mike pursued the goal of reaching enlightenment.
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