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Fisherman Becomes a Fisher of Men

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Fisherman Becomes a Fisher of Men
A Gospel for Asia ( News Release – For Immediate Release
WILLS POINT, TX (ANS -- April 13, 2015) -- “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
Ravit listened closely to the words of Jesus as he watched the film that night. He was a fisherman by trade, but he had never heard of a fisherman catching men. He had only just heard of this God named Jesus earlier in the day, yet here he sat with everything he knew about life beginning to change.
Ravit grew up worshiping what his family knew as the “fish god.” Being fishermen, they sought their god’s favor to earn their livelihood. Whenever Ravit traveled to the nearby lake to fish, he would even seek a blessing from a local religious authority before going about his way.
One day, Ravit received a piece of Christian literature. He read it immediately and was intrigued by the love of Jesus that the booklet spoke about, so he asked the local Gospel for Asia pastor, Moti, to explain more about the Savior.
Pastor Moti was traveling with a GFA film team that day when he met Ravit. Together, they were glad to answer the young man’s questions and invited Ravit to watch a film about Jesus later that night.
As Ravit watched the film, the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart. When he saw the scene of Jesus calling His disciples to become fishers of men, it struck a chord inside Ravit. Being a fisherman, just as the disciples were, he felt his own need to follow the Savior’s call.
As soon as the movie was over, the young man sought Pastor Moti for prayer. Ravit chose to walk in Christ’s footsteps, received a New Testament of his own and started to attend the local worship services on Sundays. Through Ravit and his testimony, his parents and siblings also had a change of heart and came to know the Lord Jesus a short time later. Because of this simple film, God transformed the lives of Ravit and his family.
Even though Ravit is still a fisherman by trade, in his heart, he is now a fisher of men.
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