Sabtu, 13 Desember 2014

10 Easy Steps To A Better Marriage

Dear X3 Family and Friends,

Hey this is Craig. I have some exciting news.

We are doing another free webinar December 18th. The topic this time will be 10 Easy Steps To A Better Marriage.

I’m real stoked about this one because my good friends former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna and his wife Jennifer will host it. What’s so great about this one is that Jon and Jennifer aren’t professional spokespersons for marriage. They are just a REAL couple sharing some REAL secrets to what has helped their marriage grow and improve over the years.

Here are a few questions you might be asking:

1. What will I learn from the webinar? 

Jon and Jennifer are going to talk about these things:

• The importance of loving your spouse selflessly
• What it means to honor your spouse and how to do that
• What “submitting” to one another really means… and also what it doesn’t mean
• And more

2. Is this webinar only for married folks?

Definitely not! While married couples will get a lot of great help from this webinar it can also help anyone who is contemplating marriage now or in the future.

3. When do I watch?

The webinar is on Thursday, December 18th at 8PM ET (that’s 7PM CT and 5PM PT).  If you can’t make it that’s ok, register anyway and we will send you the full video after it's done.

Head over to to register for the webinar.



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