Sabtu, 20 Desember 2014

Don't Be So Silent About S...

Dear X3 Family and Friends,

One thing I have learned is that most parents are not talking to kids about sex early enough. In fact, many parents don’t talk about sex with their kids at all (like my parents).

What I have also learned is that most husbands and wives don’t talk about sex with each other, either.  And forget talking about our married-life sex with our friends or anyone else!


Because we are Christians and we are embarrassed?
Because we feel some sort of shame?
Because we don’t have sex worth talking about?
Because sex is a private thing?
Because it makes us uncomfortable?

Look, I believe married folks should be having the best sex out of anyone and unfortunately, what I have seen is that people having casual sex prior to marriage or outside of marriage seem to be having all the good sex! (Or at least they’re the ones talking about it.)

This is why we came out with a NEW 12-part video series last month featuring myself, my wife, and our friends Dave and Ashley Willis called Best Sex Life Now.

The whole topic is, obviously, SEX.

I believe this could be the greatest gift you give your spouse this Christmas. Or this could be the greatest gift you give to a close friend or married family member. Yes, it might be a bit uncomfortable, and someone might ask you, “Why do you think I need this?” That’s okay. This stuff is important, and a little awkwardness doesn’t make it any less important.

We are selling the Best Sex Life Now course for $97.  You can check it out at  It is on sale for 50% when you hit the link on the site that says "GIVE AS A GIFT".

We’re serious about making marriages better, and we’re even more serious about helping you help others do just that.

This offer is only good until Christmas, so now’s the time to act and help change someone’s marriage for the better this holiday season.



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